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At Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity (CCYP), our aim is to help build a Canada where all young people can live and work in prosperity and purpose.

That’s why we created the Youth Prosperity Podcast. Each episode will be an in-depth exploration into issues that are top of mind for young Canadians. From why is everything getting so expensive to self identity, we want to talk about what you’re talking about. Because, you don’t know what you don’t know.


Hosted by CCYP's Executive Director,
Chris Duff...

...the Youth Prosperity Podcast is the go-to source for knowledge, insight and support for young people who want a better understanding of the nuts and bolts and x’s and o’s of adulting. From nurturing effective relationships and investing in your mental health to building your personal brand and developing financial literacy, tune in every other week and leave better informed.


Christopher Duff is a speaker, author, entrepreneur and trailblazer fiercely committed to helping young people live and work in purpose. As Executive Director at the Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity, he is mission-driven to improve policies and system infrastructure in the youth workforce development ecosystem. He loves early morning bike rides, learning about space exploration (everything NASA), and he actually owns a microscope!

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