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Episode 1: Why is Everything Getting so Expensive? | The Inflation Series

From the cost of groceries to gas to rent, everything is getting more expensive. And, since youth (15 – 24 years) currently earn 56 cents to every dollar earned by workers aged 25 and above, they are the hardest hit during economic downturns. So why is everything getting so expensive, anyway?

CCYP Executive Director and host Chris Duff invites Enriched Academy Financial Literacy Advocate, Arian Beyzaei to give a “bird’s eye view” on the impact of inflation on youth and the Canadian economy. Chris and Arian break down how to better understand where, why and how we got to the current economic position we are in now.

To continue learning read: CCYP’s Snapshot #17 Impacts of Inflation on Canada's Youth.


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