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Episode 6: Self-Care — Taking Care of Your Mental Health & Wellness

Eating well and exercising gives our bodies and brain instant benefits in managing stress, depression and anxiety. But how can we take care of our mental health and emotional well-being?

In episode 6 of the Youth Prosperity Podcast, Chris invites Natasha Helwig and Nigel Birch to explore how we can better prioritize our wellness. Natasha and Nigel also touch on how we can watch out for some of the stigma surrounding self-care and why it's important for men to tap into their emotions.

Natasha Helwig is a Workshop Facilitator, Writer and Coach who has helped women and youth grow, love and heal after experiencing heartache and toxic relationships by inspiring them to unpack the way they look at their relationships with themselves and others.

Nigel Birch Jr. is a writer, poet and host with a new vision for love. He’s a melting pot of cultural experiences, which can be heard and seen through his artistry. His depth, passion and introspection are felt on every stage and page he touches.


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